#TuesdaySerial – No Longer Alive, p2

The News.

At the end of the movie all of the actors were smiling, looking generally satisfied and the villain had been carted off in a cop car. Jack deduced that it must have been a happy ending. He reached for the remote, turned off the DVD-player and started flipping through the channels. He had almost given up hope of finding something interesting when he finally reached a channel that showed the news. The images were violent and gruesome. Jack grimaced in disgust. He didn’t get it. The act of using violence against another person was both horrifying and childish to him. And this kind of gang violence was really getting out of hand.

   Jack felt both sad and blessed as he watched the violence on the news unfold, sad because so many people had been left behind by society, and blessed because he could provide a safe and stable home for his daughter, far away from the violent suburbs he himself had grown up in. Both of his parents had been cops, working in the same neighborhood they lived in. It had been fine for the most part. They were fair cops and well-respected, but they lived by the code that the only way to beat violence was with violence, an eye for an eye, all the way to the bottom.

   Jack hadn’t agreed with his parents. He refused the idea of violence as a force of good. So he had bunkered down and sweated through school, all the way to an internship at a fairly good hospital. He had been a doctor for a good long time now. Saved more lives than he had lost, so that was good. His parents lived outside the city now, in a house he had bought them when they retired. They always told him how proud they were, but in his heart, Jack knew that they would much rather he’d been a cop like them, fighting fire with fire, and not become some soft-hearted doctor without grit or guts.

   His dad had taught him to shoot as a kid. Jack had been dragged out to the range once a week until he had turned eighteen and his father told Jack that he was a man now and could make his own decisions. In that same moment Jack decided to never fire a gun again.

   The news flipped through a couple of clips, all with violent and gruesome images. Jack felt his stomach turn and try to somersault. He had never seen anything quite like this on the news. It reminded him of bad horror movies, the kind he had liked as a kid. The images were raw and uncensored. Fear rolled over him like a cold black wave, he recognized the scenes. It was here in the city, every one of the clip the news rolled through where from different parts of the city. The scene switched again, Jack put his hand to his mouth and gasped, this one wasn’t far away, down the block by the memorial park, and he could almost see it from his window if he wanted to. He didn’t. Four bright red letters burned on the screen, ‘LIVE’.

To be continued.

© Hugo Oddlane, 2014

List of episodes for No Longer Alive: http://wp.me/P4cKL8-l


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