#TuesdaySerial – No Longer Alive, p3

Amy Wakes.

Part of Jack wanted to turn his head and look out the apartment windows towards the memorial park, but the other much larger part refused. He wasn’t entirely sure that he even could. The fear was too potent, holding his spine in a cold and lifeless grip. The images rolled on and the woman behind the news desk moved her silent mouth in a frantic pace. He wanted to turn the sound back on but was afraid of what she was saying. She looked like Jack felt, absolutely horrified.

Suddenly, something next to Jack moved, he startled and groaned loudly. Ripped from his frozen state he turned his head to see what it was, leaning backwards to shield himself from a sudden attack. He imagined a thousand different and dangerous things that would jump at his face and bite as he switched his gaze to look upon the dark monster that would be his death. His eyes adjusted to the gloom and Jack saw his daughter. She was still sleeping on the couch next to him. A lot of the fear faded away as he looked at her, sleeping soundly on the couch she was a bright sunbeam cutting through thick and ominous rain clouds. Jack felt the fear drain away almost like a physical feeling and that was a good thing, but it wasn’t replaced with safe feelings, but a soft and imposing sense of worry.

Jack turned back to the TV and turned on the sound. He had to know what was going no matter how much it scared him. If it was something really serious that could affect his daughter’s safety he had to know. The city might impose martial law or something to combat such disgusting and terrible violence. It was so widespread and so close. He had to deal with it, for Amy.

The TV blared into life. It was way too loud. Jack hurried to lower the volume but it was too late, the damage was done. Next to him Amy stretched, opened her eyes groggily and gave her father a confused look.

“God I’m tired,” she said with a yawn. Amy pushed herself up into a sitting position, “What time is it?”

Jack didn’t reply. In fact, he didn’t even hear his daughter. The things the news lady was saying were just too surreal and it took Jack everything he had to comprehend what she was trying to tell her viewers.

“Dad?” Amy asked, “What’s going on?” She prodded her father’s arm.

“Uh?” Jack tilted his face slightly towards Amy, only for a second did his eyes leave the TV screen to meet his daughters. “I was just…” His words trailed of as he jabbed dozily towards the TV with the remote.

Her dad was acting very strange. A thick worried feeling was rising up inside of her. A chill ran down her spine, she felt the creeps in a major way. Some of Jacks fear had unhitched from him and was now sinking its deep dark hooks into Amy. She didn’t understand why she felt like this, she had never felt anything like it. A single thought entered her mind, something truly horrible was about to happen.

To be continued…

© Hugo Oddlane, 2014

List of episodes for No Longer Alive: http://wp.me/P4cKL8-l


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